"Labor Guru helped Krispy Kreme successfully develop, test and implement a variety of tools to improve our operational efficiency including Labor Management, Production Planning, Ingredient Cost Control and Ideal Ordering Quantities. The tools resulted in a combination of improved customer service and reduced operating expenses."

Daniel Lecocq
VP Development
Krispy Kreme DoughnutCorp







LABORGURU started to offer its services in May 2008. The Company was created to provide comprehensive labor management services and operations consulting. Designed to help restaurant managers schedule their employees based on labor needs. We can tell you how much time, what position and when labor hours should be used.

We provide an array of services focused on operations improvement at the restaurant level. We are industrial engineers and operations experts with many years of experience designing labor management systems from beginning to end. We have configured the most popular software package so if you are not ready to use the LABORGURU web scheduler, we can help you configure your own system.

Ignacio Goris, the president and founder of LABORGURU, has a Masters in Operations Research and a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering. After spending many years in food service consulting focusing in labor system where he became an expert in labor management services...or the LABORGURU.

Our team now includes 7 full time employees as well as a consortium of partners that provide increased capacity without unnecessary overhead. 

An important part of that consortium is Profitality, led by Juan Martinez, specializing in investment optimization. Facility Prototype Design, Retrofit Design, Process re-engineering are part of the offer to create Profitable Hospitality = Profitality