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The LABORGURU web scheduling will be unique in many ways.

Features list:

1. uniques features
2. scheduling
3. projections
4. employee editing
5. reporting
6. customer service
7. access
8. setup
9. pricing/payment

Unique Features   [top]

Multiple ways to view or manage your schedule: by employee or by position view, list    or graphical views, daily or weekly views, etc.
Highly customized labor calculating expert system. Each store has its own set of    rules and allowances
Monitor labor performance from anywhere with an internet connection
Forecast activity levels to adjust labor needs
Multiple access levels
      - Managers – Create schedules, evaluate performance, make changes as needed.
      - Employees – Communicate changes in availability, request changes / swaps.
      - Corporate – Monitor performance with store, area, region or company reporting.

Control of what employees see and do
Constant updates to the labor engine that are invisible to the managers
Completely web based, no software to install, all upgrades are automatically available
Our experts can make recommendations and assist you

Scheduling   [top]

Simple and intuitive scheduling template
Add or delete shifts is a variety of ways
Analyze your labor needs by position, by day or by half hour
Evaluate schedules prior to posting
Copy previously created schedules
Check employees availability
Allow employees to see schedule on-line or e-mail
Flag violation of availability, overtime rules or labor rules
Print / publish your schedule in a variety of ways

Project activity level   [top]

Project volume based on history on a daily basis
Multiple ways to project activity levels
Ability to drill down and make changes by half hour

Employee editing   [top]

Enter employees contact information
Assign their primary position
Manage each employees maximum hours worked
Include wage information for labor as a percent of sales calculation

Reporting   [top]

Measure the most critical performance parameters
Store’s performance (ideal vs actual)
Schedule assessment (schedule vs target labor)
Schedule execution assessment (scheduled vs actual labor used)
Forecast assessment (actual vs projected volume)
Historical labor reporting
Report labor by position
Reporting back to corporate office, regional or area managers
Access to different views based on accessibility granted
Number of hours by position by day

Customer Service   [top]

free customer service by e-mail
automatically email lost ID or password

Access   [top]

log on to labor guru from any computer with an Internet connection
secure password protection for all users
unlimited number of users with unique ID/passwords
multiple levels of access to  - only have access to relevant areas

Setup   [top]

customize labor guide for each location based on in depth analysis of your system’s requirements
configure your system to have the labor positions you need
user name and password e-mailed upon sign up

Pricing/Payment   [top]

low pricing based on number of units on your system
all features, options & updates included